Career Profile

Knowledge and experiences in scientific areas like chemistry as well as in computer sciences. Focus on preparation and visualisation of chemical information.


Diplom in chemistry (equivalent to Master's Degree)

Technische Universität Berlin

Elective subjects are numerics, theoretical and physical chemistry Thesis: “Calculation of anisotropic parts of NMR chemical shifts by molecular mechanic simulations”
The program, which was developed for the thesis, was based on Eclipse RCP and includes OpenGL visualisations.



2011 - present

Design and implementation of various applications for the iOS and macOS plaform of Apple for clients.

Scientic referee for chemistry

2007 - 2010
Beilstein Institut, Frankfurt am Main

Design of a system to manage manuscripts and journals articles. Creation of the website and print media of the journal „Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry“. Automatic conversion of manuscripts to XML. Development of a converter to various graphic formats including formats like ChemDraw.

Chemical Information Scientist

2006 - 2007
Beilstein Institut, Frankfurt am Main

Support and maintenance of software and databases for chemical entities. Development of a graphical retrieval software.

Software developer

2006 - 2006
GameDuell, Berlin

Design and support of SQL databases and proprietary event based databases. Creation of a administrative web application for the controlling with Apache Struts. Installation of a WIKI documentation system

Software developer

2006 - 2006
TU-Berlin and FIZ Chemie, Berlin

Programmer in the BMBF Project “Vernetztes Studium Chemie“(Online studies in chemistry). Creation of multiple tools for complex chemical and mathematical visualisations. Conversion of existing C programs for simulation of nuclear magnetic resonance to Java. Maintaining content management system based on Apache Cocoon and Apache Slide.


Eclipse Profiler Project - Conversion of the project to Eclipse 3.1. Help Maintaining and fixing of bugs.
Debian Java Project - Help maintaining packages for Eclipse, SWT and many other software projects.
Apache Cocoon - Profiling, Enhancement of the caching strategies, WebDAV support. Creation of conversion facilities for various text formats. Development of a Continuation based controller through Java bytecode rewriting, which moved later into an separate Apache project named Apache JavaFlow.
Chaperon Project - Developing deterministic and non-deterministic parser generators for the conversion of various text formats(Latex, Wiki) to XML. Creation of a plug-in for Eclipse.
JEuclid Project - Conversion of the W3C Standard MathML to various graphic formats like PNG/GIF/SVG. Co-operation with the Apache Batik and Apache FOP projects.