About us

We have many years of experience in the development of applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac and server-based applications. Our main focus is app development for Apple’s MacOS, iOS and tvOS platforms and the implementation of web applications in Java. We pay special attention to the development of graphically demanding applications.

What we offer:

We support you in realizing your ideas for iPhone, iPad or Mac app applications. Based on many years of experience, we will accompany you throughout the development process, from conception to design, detailed planning and development. With my specialist knowledge from various customer projects, We can advise you individually and implement your wishes according to your ideas. Furthermore, we support you with resource planning and, if necessary, access my network to bring in other developers for extensive projects. We can also enrich your existing team with our experience, as developers, project managers or through training and further education of the staff.

Recent activities

In the past we worked with a number of larger customers such as Zuuka, Sanofi, ilum:e Informatik AG, Redpixtec. GmbH, Sensory Minds or Scientific Software Development GmbH.

Below you will find an excerpt of successfully completed projects from various industries. Due to the confidentiality of the type and scope of services, these projects are anonymized and briefly described. We are happy to provide you with detailed explanations of our IT services and advice.

Examples of projects for customers from different industries:

Process steps of application development:

  1. Planning: Comprehensive planning takes place in the run-up to the project, giving you an overview of the design options and expenses. In this phase, we support you in determining the scope of the application by showing you different variants of the desired application and the associated pricing options.

  2. Concept: The Mac and iOS platforms bring their own quirks and principles that must be understood and followed. We support you in developing your ideas with the aim of integrating the future application seamlessly and in a user-friendly manner into the platform.

  3. Design: The design is an important part of the development and often determines the success of the application. For this reason, the design is usually done by professional design and graphic agencies. If necessary, we will be happy to put you in contact with reliable agencies in order to guarantee a visually convincing result for you.

  4. Development: The development takes place in several phases, so that you are informed about the current state of development at any time and can see preliminary versions of the application. At the end of each phase, the intermediate result will be tested by us and you to ensure the highest quality.

  5. Acceptance / adjustment: If you are satisfied with the result, we will support you in positioning the application in the respective app stores.